This adventure wasn’t born yesterday! David, the founder of VanLife MTL lived in his Ford Econoline 86 during his early twenties. Naïma, his partner, spent her childhood travelling with her family in a modified school bus. When they met in 2015, travelling was still at the heart of their relationship, but David’s companies didn’t allow them to go on adventures as far away or as long as they would have wished.

Then along came 2017 and with it, their great idea to buy the Red Sprinter. The sheer thought of how much fun they’d have in transforming it was plenty of inspiration. Then, they coupled this excitement with all of the amazing travel opportunities they knew that it would afford them and suddenly, they had a true no-brainer on their hands. It was time to get their dreams in literal motion.

Several renovations, hundreds of kilometers and many months of amazing adventures later, David and Naima were once again hooked. Falling back in love with wheeled explorations wasn’t hard and not surprisingly, they returned to Quebec with an unrelenting desire to see their local vanlife community grow and particularly, help anyone who wanted to travel this way too realise that desire.

David, who already had a penchant for entrepreneurship and who is accustomed to carrying out big projects with creativity and seriousness, didn’t hesitate longer to have this project become reality. Lysanne, a multidisciplinary artist and travel-enthusiast was next to champion the goal and then Olivier, another great traveller with a wealth of knowledge in carpentry and cabinet-making, made the team complete. Together, they present to you: VanLife MTL.

We settled in David’s offices and we dived. We stopped counting the hours, we drank coffee like never before, we brainstormed until night became morning and the project quickly took shape. Traveling simply, meeting people, sharing meals, advice, all the community spirit that resonates when we talk about vanlife, that’s what pushed us to want to develop this project. Vanlife meets a lifestyle that is reaching more and more people and we are really proud to have created a company that allows us to be a part of it.

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Founding President

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Customer service and social media director

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Production director

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Public relations

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